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I've asked myself... What do I know that's worthy of talking about, then I realized, it's what I don't know that actually seems worthy of being discussed.  How can we help out others that want to learn to be better developers?

I've started to sit and wonder, what does it take to catch up to modern software development practices.  I graduated from my local Community College in 2002, and here I am, 5 years later, still wondering "How do I learn how to be an excellent developer?"  My community college trained me in the basics of software, and then basically threw me out to the sharks, and I feel this is being done to a lot of people, and it's not preparing them for the real world of software development.  All the classes in programming I got were how to do trivial things, nothing on how to design a real system, very little about proper domain modeling, patterns or maintainability.  Nothing on security.  And everyone wonders why the software being cranked out now is such poor quality.

I've picked up several good books, including Patterns of Enterprise Architecture by Fowler, and Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Nilsson, and they are teaching me so much that I've been missing.  I've even found a few good podcasts on MSDN that were informative, I loved the Hacking Las Vegas one, and while I knew about Sql Injection, and how not to leave systems vulnerable to it, it improved my ability to communicate its risks, I'm starting to learn how critical learning how to communicate issues are, this is something I've been trying to improve.  However when I chat with some of the more senior people I know, it seems like there's large slices of software engineering that I'm still missing, and I barely even know what they are.  I wish someone would just come out with a series of "read these to become a software engineer."  I've seen huge tutorials on how to use some specific tools or libs, but nothing that does the same thing for design.

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