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In the process of creating my own DB VCS tool I ran into several good resources to help guide me along the way in reviewing existing offerings and in concepts that would be needed in a good DB VCS.  This is my list of helpful links that others can use to understand some of the concepts and some of the tools in existence.  In the next few posts I will try to explain how I used these to create TSqlMigrations.


Blogs entries

Three rules for database work - K. Scott Allen

Versioning databases - the baseline

Versioning databases - change scripts

Versioning databases - views, stored procedures and the like

Versioning databases - branching and merging

Evolutionary Database Design - Martin Fowler

Are database migration frameworks worth the effort? - Good challenges

Continuous Integration (in general)

Is Your Database Under Version Control?

11 Tools for Database Versioning

How to do database source control and builds

.Net Database Migration Tool Roundup




Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design

Martin Fowler signature series on refactoring databases.

Book site:

Recipes for Continuous Database Integration: Evolutionary Database Development (Digital Short Cut)

A good question/answer layout of common problems and solutions with database version control.

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