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Well I was at DDD4 and it was a fun day!  There was a little last minute preperation the night before, just polishing off the slides and placing all the links in them.  It's just a shame that the Microsoft internet let me down.  I ended up talking for an entire hour about web 2.0 technologies for business rather than being able to show the full power of what you can do with them.  All the same I think it went well under the circumstances, and I don't think I totally fluffed it.  At least the feedback hasn't been too harsh so far. 

There was also a channel 9 video done (and will be online eventually...) and Barry and I nicked their video camera at the end of it as well... we even managed to download the video file off of it and Barry will upload it online as soon as he has a chance.  I think you may find it quite funny...

Other things that happened at the event... The TechEd session was amusing and the Next Generation User Group guys were great fun (as always!) , they just have this way about them.  They said that their session was none technical, but yet they still managed to get the tech interviews into their session from some of the key players at TechEd.  I was very impressed, they had obviously spent a bit of time putting it all together and they did well to collect all the swag from the stands.  I'm still wondering how on earth they managed to pry one of the organisers fleeces away from one of the ladies.  I think they must have used their charm to distract some poor lady! (Those cheeky boys!)

I heard a LOT of good things about the Ruby on Rails session done by Dave Verwer which I was sorry to miss. (because I was trying to sort out the internet connections for my session.... to no success!)  I will definately be downloading those slides. 

I will be doing a webcast recording of my session as it was going to be originally and that will be sent to the organisers of DDD4 to put online.  I hope that the demo and slides will be of use to people and that everyone learnt a little something form the session. 

As much as I like and respect Ed Gibson, I do wonder what he was thinking hi-jacking the break and over-running into the session after it.  I don't much mind that he chose to share his knowledge in that way and he did have a captive audience but next time Ed consider this, maybe just put together a videocast of the talk for the world to hear instead.  I know quite a few people at the session have heard about your FBI based experiences with security before so how about a few new real world examples from more recent years?  I'm sure you can think of a few. (Oh and btw... aren't you a Microsoftie... and by all accounts shouldn't you be banned from talking at the event?  I thought that the rules were community developers only... "There will be NO Microsoft speakers presenting" as quoted on the DDD website!  Could someone confirm this?)

Anyway, all in all the organisers from the event did really well and were only really let down by the lack of internet access on Microsoft's part, which could quite easily be resolved by a guest wireless account or a relible wired network.  If the likes of Yahoo can manage to get solid wired access for Barcamp London then I'm sure Microsoft can get their hardware sorted out so that we can pass through their network without it being a security risk either.  I hope that Microsoft will take a serious look into this for next time, especially when web 2.0 technologies and the latest softwares all interlink with the net one way or another. PLEASE sort it out for us next time!!!!! Pretty Please!  It will open up the topic areas for talks no end and demo's can then be done far easier!  If I had known it would be that much of an issue I would have pre-recorded my demo as a screen cast! 

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# re: DDD4: A quick overview
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I mentioned the networking issues you had to Howard, who has been working as a contractor on site at TVP for a while, and got a very knowing response - seems that he has just as many problems getting access, and the public wi-fi is anything but...
Left by Richard on Dec 04, 2006 8:07 PM

# re: DDD4: A quick overview
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I dont think the net connection was missed sarah, your presentation was fine without it. Most people know what a blog or wiki looks like, it was enough to just hear about the ways your companies been using it. It's your knowledge and ideas we want :) oh and thanks for the socks!
Left by Thom Shannon on Dec 04, 2006 10:26 PM

# re: DDD4: A quick overview
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awesome presentation sarah! nahh the wifi issue was no big deal... your excellent knowledge on the topics were what counted, great work!
Left by Jon Burrell on Dec 05, 2006 12:07 PM

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I liked the session and it did highlight the ways you can get Web 2.0 used in a company, it was a shame we couldn't see real examples but then these things happen.

The lack of internet access at the event i feel was a poor show by MS any how, was quite frustrating not being able to email or blog about the event there and then, oh well theres always next time.

The socks were great too :D
Left by Michael James on Dec 06, 2006 9:58 AM

# re: DDD4: A quick overview
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Hi Sarah,
Your comments were well stated, and appreciated. I did overrun my allotted 10 minutes, unintentionally, and extend my apologies to the many folks who stayed the entire presentation - and to the presenters who had people walking in to their sessions considerably late because of it. You also made a valid point regarding "no Microsofties", and that is the rule. As my presentation was spur of the moment (you may recall my DDD3 spot was during the lunch break) and not at the behest of DDD4 personnel, I again am responsible for the interlude. This was your and other DDD4 experts' day. Please do accept my heartfelt apologies for interfering. I am looking into a pod/web cast - thanks for that tip as well. [PS: As for newer 'stories', I have taken that on board.] May I take this time to wish you, your colleagues, all DDD4 presenters, all DDD4 participants, coordinators, families and friends wherever they may be, a most safe and happy holiday season. Looking forward to meeting you and DDD4 friends again (outside of DDD events of course). With warmest regards,

Edward P Gibson
Chief Security Advisor
Microsoft Ltd UK
Left by Edward P Gibson on Dec 14, 2006 1:27 AM

# re: DDD4: A quick overview
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Good job on the video Sarah. Can't believe you guys gave the guy from Bristol a hard time. Just remember Bristol is bigger than Reading and Basingstoke.
Left by Ian Forrester on Dec 15, 2006 3:32 PM

# re: DDD4: A quick overview
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Glad you enjoyed the session Sarah, sorry I missed yours, I was in the Ruby on Rails which was very good. You and Barry should have been in the French Revolution, I could just imagine you screaming 'cut his head off!' in the same way you were yelling "Swag Him!!". Now we've been almost totally deswagged, we're off to find some more ...
Left by Dave McMahon on Dec 20, 2006 1:42 PM

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