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OK it's day 3 and I'm a little behind on the details for what went on at TechEd yesterday... so much to do and so little time.  However this time I managed to escape for a bit and go to a few sessions.  The first session that I attended was Anders Hejlsberg's session on .net 3.0, the session was totally over subscribed with an overflow room that had the presentation projected onto it.  The scores from that particular session's feedback are the highest so far!!! (yes the speakers in the speakers lounge are competing to get the honour of the best presentation at TechEd.  At the moment the battle is between Anders and Rafal Lukawiecki.  They are both speaking at the moment and I think it will be interesting to see who is seen to be the better presenter.

The content of Anders talk was all about the new features of .net 3.0 so that is anonymous types, the var type, object initialisers and query expressions as well as LINQ.  (btw LINQ is now available at a CTP)

After Anders talk I went on to see Shy Cohen talking on WCF which officially launched yesterday... oh yes... and of course in case you didn't hear Vista was also officially RTM'd yesterday in 5 languages initially and apparently installs in 20 minutes "on a standard desktop machine"... whatever that is classed as.  I'm a little scheptical that this would happen on my laptop... but hey.  I guess I can't really comment until I have given it a go.  The commercial release will be in January 2007. 

Anyway back to yesterdays talks... I also went to William Gunaratne's talk on SQL Server CE and SQL Mobile performance tuning.  He had  a lot of good content in his talk and I think he will become one of Microsoft's promising young talents of the future. 

Later yesterday I got to catch up with Afra and we had a bit of a chat about tech and being females in tech.  I believe the video will be online at some point on the TechEd Live site. 

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Beautiful, productive and busy day for you Sarah... YAHOO!
Left by Sheamus on Nov 10, 2006 8:31 AM

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