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Well I have had one days worth of training so far for London to Brighton.... A little late to be starting on that one... but hey.  Better late than never!  At least I know what I am letting myself in for on Sunday now.  Pain... torture... and a very long bike ride!

I did a 15 mile training session last night with two of my work collegues and I struggled with it on a bike that I really don't know well enough, especially not on hills.  Hills = Evil... :S  So I will struggle quite a lot on the very very steep hill towards the end of the ride!  I hurt today after last nights little ride... I still managed to cycle to work this morning though. 

The plan for the next few days is as follows:

This evening:  Cycle home and also pick up essential items for the trip on Sunday... Gloves and water bottle.

Friday:  Half hour training session with a couple of work colleagues.  25 mile ride in the evening with more work peeps... So all in all a long day of it tomorrow. 

Saturday:  Rest and relax and get an early night before the big day

Sunday: Early start at the office for 5:45 at Clapham Common for 7:30 and hopefully in Brighton for lunchtime...  This is assuming no stoppages... It's going to be a looooong day! And I'm even in the office again on Monday... no rest for the wicked hey!

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Good Luck Tomorrow
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