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Few days back someone made a comment “what the hell you know about VISTA” .. I didn't  respond much ..but smiled...

Slowly I tried to navigate and gather information about Vista if not knowledge about it.... somehow I felt

Comfortable  enough to write some lines about it... Here I go ...


Few days back we had three day Session on VISTA for dev MVPS and Vinod provided some nice presentations and demos...
although I being long away from DEV but still enoyed it asDI was able to get a good insight of VISTA...
Also I met  with Allen and Brij both have excelled a lot..hats off to them ...
After session meeting with Abhishek and Saurabh was equally fantastic...
Checked out the new Office of with kapil Suri proved to be a nice stuff...
Saurabh and Tarun are doing a great JOB..My Best wishes to them....


Okay...  Comming back to where I left the topic... !!! 
Now what do we look for when we talk of new OS ...

1 User experience 

2. Developer  platform

3. IT pro perspective

We will take all these three one by one...well everything is getting closed every second day
we haveing new updates from MS.
What does it take to install VISTA .

well we have two ways

:::: Windows Vista Capable ::: 

Modern processor (at least 800 MHz)1 ,
512 MB RAM ,
DirectX® 9 capable,Display Driver Model (WDDM) support recommended)
Rest all as normal PC

::::: Windows Vista Premium Ready :::

1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)1,
1 GB memory ,
Runs Windows Aero2 (Windows  Display Driver Model (WDDM) support recommended),
Graphics Memory  - -  128 MB
HDD  - -  40 GB
HDD Free Space  - -  15 GB
Optical Drive  - -  DVD-ROM drive3
Audio  - -  Audio output capability
Internet  - -  Internet access capability
Although some features available in specific premium editions of Windows Vista, such as the ability to watch and record live TV, may require additional hardware.

More guidance on the requirements for these specific features is available at the Get Ready Web site.
Guidance for businesses will be refreshed on TechNet, see here:

Supporting resources for more information:

Now lets analyse plain features of VISTA from user experience

1. Enhanced Search
2. Software rendering using Processor is more powerful than using GPU card
3. User Account Controls
4. Side shows
5. Mobility content
6. Navigation
7. use of New Side bar gadgets which will soon develop into craze in india that I am sure off
8. Collaboration services which might break the Windows Live meeting {offff  did I predict too much}
9. Shared Network projection etc

Now Lets go to IT PRO Perspective

1. User Account Control
2. eleveated privelege
3. Deny admin by default {Ffffff  it is going to create major  controversay and user denials unless our admins are smart to counter this menance with GPs}
4. RegKey Virtual which will help in saving registry information that is awesome feature
5. Shield Priveleges in Application
6. LUA or what Ic all Lowest User Account predictor which makes some thing of  protected mode in IE
7. System Schemas and Cannonical Folders will be used more now.
8. Common Full text indexer
9. Federated Identity :: Auto Pickup Validation
10. Admin prioveleges comming to child process ..spawning privelges to child accounts has been prevented
11. RSS Feed reader which you must have been knowing already in IE 7 but now we feed  filters and feed managers as well.
12. Windows Feedback for Error traping has been enhanced to help your application all you need is an account at
13. Document API recovery API  restrarts as per comaptibility mode  which comes down as it tries to restart .. till it gives up

Oh Finallly  Developer perspective which has huge and surely I need to write a one more blog for that

what started as Indigo and avalon have  culminated into WCF and WPF  I  leave that to great developers but after this all Lets talk about my cold and raw thoughts about VISTA.. why the hell I ahd to all this..
Here are my cold thoughts about it ... of All CTP s December  CTP is most  stable as far as News goes ....
But I am working with both of them and the rigorous testing in FEB CTP with little success and we had issues like

  1. With Outlook 2003 which didnt respond at times and it restarts automatically while drafting an e-mail.
  2. Opening of outlook 2003 PST file.
  3. Cisco WIFI card and Cisco VPN client (ver 4.6) not working

 Cheers to Vista .. Hope teched 2006 will rock more New Lab testing from tomorrow will rock even deeper...
good night


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# re: Vista for lesser mortals
Requesting Gravatar...
Tried posting a comment but for some reason didn’t work…nice post man…

Just downloaded Media Player 11…its got bugs dude…cani give feedback to Microsoft???

Left by roha on Jun 01, 2006 4:47 AM

# re: Vista for lesser mortals
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I think MSFT should release a Starter edition of Vista. No Aero, No Security nothing. It will be a simple OS. In my point of view Win 2000 Pro is the best OS ever. So the starter edition would be a replacement of that.

Left by Omi Azad on Jun 01, 2006 6:13 AM

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