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Yes, am in love. One day am ranting , another day am saying I will never leave 

As a developer they are many reasons to love cloud computing - you know scaling, utility computing etc.

As a developer and entrepreneur in Africa, these reasons are even more profound.

Here’s why

1. Access to world class data centers.

I love it when I go to pitch my products and the smart a*** start asking me about availability – are your servers clustered? Are they load balanced? Yes they are, I say. I have some servers in Western Europe and some servers in North America. Highly available servers, I guarantee you they will be up 99% of the time, I tell them. (Should I tone down the arrogance after the Amazon debacle?)

When I did my first startup what we called our server (actually a desktop) was placed on my reading table in the corner of my room. When electricity went off (a very common occurrence in my part of the world) or the ISP had issues our service was unavailable, sometimes for weeks. We closed shop when the server was stolen.

I sleep so much better now - literally - given the noise the fan made.

2. I worry only about my applications

I am a developer ( I said that already), so server admins, dbas and types like them just get in my way (no details).

Guess what? I don’t have to worry about them anymore. No more inflated hard disk drive prices, no more pirated anti viruses that cause more harm than actual viruses. No more lost installation CDs.

No more …

All I need is visual studio and an internet connection and my applications are live and ready to roll. I don’t even know what OS my applications are running on any more. I totally love this.

3. Mobility

The only issue I have is when people ask where our offices are. Does cloud count?

I work from anywhere with an internet connection (not expensive and slow in Uganda anymore).

Home – no problem

Your office – no problem

The coffee shop – no problem

Like I said before, load shedding (FYI – For those who don’t know what load shading is) is not really an issue for me anymore. I just code from the hotel nearby that has a standby generator.

4. I seem like a genius

Cloud computing is still very much a buzz word for many IT pros I know. I don’t tell them that’s what the rest of the world calls the internet (he he). My startup runs in the cloud , it never goes down – I think I could use that line to pick up some chic’s.

I said 3 good reasons why I love cloud computing, disregard number 4.

When I can select an African country in the list of datacenters to host my application and not have my local credit card blocked from paying for service then I will get married to the cloud – come-on Azure.



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wow! No other developer could have summarized it better than you! Thanks..

Keep posting! :)
Left by paras doshi on Aug 06, 2011 11:01 PM

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