It isn’t very often that I worry much about hardware, but since I heard some others talking about “touch” mice for their Windows 8 machines I figured I would try one out and see what the experience was.  The only Windows 8 compatible touch mouse that they had in the store was the Logitech t630 Touch Mouse.  At $69 it isn’t exactly a cheap purchase.

So how does it work with Windows 8.  First it works well as a normal mouse with touch scroll capabilities.  Scrolling works both horizontally and vertically.  Then you get into to the Win8 features, all of which are associated with the back 2/3 of the mouse.  If you double-touch-tap (not depressing the internal button) it acts as a Windows home screen button.  The next feature is switching applications.  This is accomplished by dragging a finger from the left edge of the mouse in.  Bringing up the Windows 8 open apps list is the same movement as on the table where you drag in from the left and then move back to the right.  The last gesture available is to bring up the charms.  This is performed by dragging in from the right side of the mouse.

There is a certain amount of configurability.  You can switch dominant hand configuration as well as turn on and off gestures as shown in the screenshot below.


It is nice that they kept the gestures similar to the table gestures.  Hopefully future updates to the drivers will bring other gestures, but this is definitely a good start.  It would be interesting to also compare this to the Microsoft Touch Mouse and see if there are additional gestures such as app close and for the app bar.