A few months back I sat down on a conference call with Dave Bost and Clark Sell to record an episode of Thirsty Developer.  I had suggested that we could talk about Office Open XML and how it can be used to automate the generation of documents.  Now for a number of reasons this episode will never see the light of day (at least not as we originally recorded it).  But the reason that sticks in my mind is that the story wasn’t there.

As technologists we spend a lot of time learning tools, languages and frameworks.  But we don’t always think about the question of why we are using these technologies.  Of course what makes a good podcast is the telling of they why as much as the how.  I had plenty of how, but really only one example to explain everything.  It just turned out to be not enough glue.

This reminded me of something that I knew as an architect is a critical skill.  We have to be able to sell our ideas.  What could be a better way to sell those ideas but to tell the story of how it is used and how someone benefits for the technology.

Now this isn’t just something that you need to know if you are doing some sort of presentation.  This is something we need to remember as we talk with clients and stake holders.  From this point on I need to give this principle more attention.  I think I see a wall plaque in the making.