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October 2008 Entries


I was listening to The Thirsty Developer podcast as I was driving into work this morning and was introduced to an interesting note taking technique called Sketchnotes.  It is interesting in that instead of writing notes as you listen to a talk you more or less doodle.  Being a rather visual person myself this has an appeal.  During the discussion I got the impression that this is based on the concept that a picture was worth a thousand words.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a word is the picture that is worth a thousand word.  Too cliché?  Oh well.  Give the episode a listen and check out Mike Rohde’s blog.  Tools like these could really help as our jobs require us to remember more and more information.

The Quest For Elegant Code

Why do we strive to write the most elegant and compact code?  I was working on a piece of code recently that the most straight forward way to write it would be dozens of if statements with redundant lines of code.  This bugged me so much that I actually spent an hour looking for a framework method to simplify the code.  Of course this search blinded me from the quick solution of writing a simple helper function.

So why does this bug most of us?  I believe that it is the mark of good developers, analysts and architects to strive to find the best solutions.  This is art.  You can’t just settle for painting a picture.  The end product needs to make a statement.

My experience also emphasizes a balance that you need to keep in mind.  That is the balance between doing things “right” and getting things done.  Some times you have to work on getting things done and then come back and clean it up.  To my view this is a good argument for refactoring.

Don’t give up on creating elegant code and be sure to pass on what you learn to the next generation developers.

October Chicago Architects Group Summary

Last night was the fifth meeting of the Chicago Architects Group at the Illinois Technical Association in downtown Chicago.  Eduardo Goncalves of Daugherty Business Solutions lead a lively discussion on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Architects.

Eduardo Goncalves

Some of the highlights included discussions about the finding business champions, keeping up with technology and evaluating trade-offs when a project is under the gun.  Stay tuned for details of the up-coming November presentation.

Eduardo Goncalves Now Blogging

Eduardo is an architect and consultant with Daugherty Business Solutions.  He recently started blogging.  Check out his post on Habbits of Effective Architects.  You can also see him give a talk on this post at this month's Chicago Architects Group meeting.

Happy blogging Eduardo.

October Chicago Architects Group Meeting

Come and join us for the October meeting of the Chicago Architects Group.  Eduardo Goncalves will be presenting on the Habits of Highly Effective Architects.  It will be held on October 23rd at the CDW office downtown Chicago.  Please register at the link below.  I hope to see you there.