Many times as you go through the phases of a project you may get pressure to do a quick fix just to be able to close a phase.  You may even be told others what the fix to your work should be.  The question is if you are sure it is the right fix. 

Sometimes even though those around you are ready to roll heads some times you have to stop everything, take a step back and research if the solution on the table is right or just fast.  Often the fast solutions end up generating more problems because no one thought about what other parts of the systems could be affected by the decision.  Of course having good unit test can help, but only if the change breaks the code in a way you already have tests for.  Are you sure that you have covered all expected results.

In the end, thinking about the consequences of any changes we make to code or design should be the reason we get paid.  Don't surrender your common sense just because you are being pressured.