When you write a book you start with an idea, turn it into an outline, then write a draft which then goes through multiple edit iterations.  This is the same way that I believe you should write blog posts.  There are several reasons for this. 

The first reason is that you want your blog to represent you in a professional manner.  A clean and well organized set of thoughts are the best way to accomplish this.

The second is that as you read and reread your work you will find places that it could use more clarification.  Sometimes you may find that a sentence doesn't say what you meant when you were first typing it.  Filling in holes and making things more understandable helps to get your point across.  Try asking the simple question "why?" as you read (If you are a parent "why dad?").  This will help to find what is missing or could be misunderstood.

The third reason is that as architects we constantly need to refine our communication skills.  Writing blog posts can help you when it comes to writing documents that communicate your ideas better to your audience.  Refining ideas in writing will help in organizing your thoughts for presentations.

Finally, here is a hint to make sure that you write the best post you can.  Use an offline editor such as Windows Live Writer.  If you use an online editor you are more likely to post before doing a thorough edit.  If you can save your work off line you can work on the post over a couple of days if you need to.  I often have several posts in draft state.  Then I just press the publish button when I am satisfied with the content.

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