This is really an observation about large enterprises.  The larger they get, the more people are required to make a single decision. 

I am currently working for a client that has an entire floor of a building with nothing but architects residing there.  In the process of this project we came across a technical issue relating to the database.  We presented alternatives to the lead architects and thought that we had an approval for a solution.  Surprise!  It turns out the data architects were still discussing alternatives.  We were then informed that the enterprise architects would have the final say.

Now I have no problem with getting knowledgeable people involved.  What I do have problems with is not knowing who the right people are.  Large enterprises need to make sure that there is a clearly defined and published procedure for getting the right people involved.  When projects are under are fighting to stay on time and under budget the last thing they need are false starts due to undocumented procedures.

So what can you do to help the situation?  The best thing I can suggest is asking frequently if anyone else is required to approve a decision.  Some times a reminder to the people you are working with is all that is needed.