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We had something odd happen in our office the other day. We finally installed Office 2007. Most of us had no issues at all. However, one of our co-workers installed it on her machine and then applied the patches/service packs as recommended.

Initially, her Outlook would crash every time she tried to use it, so she fully installed and then reinstalled….which took care of the crashing but....

Every time she got a text email, it was blank. She could highlight the text in the email, then copy/paste it in another app (notepad), and it would appear, so the text was there but not visible. Why could this be??

We checked all kinds of settings, including some thought from my boss that since she installed it from a different location on the network that there was some odd group policy in action or something.

We found the solution eventually: under the Fonts in the Mail Format section of the Settings, we found the combobox which showed the selected color for plain text was empty. The default setting is Automatic, of course, so not sure why the combobox would have, in effect, set the colour choice to null, but it sure did. We selected automatic, and it was fixed right up.

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