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I got a chance to go see my sister in Washington DC while I was in Jersey.  She works for an agency that makes sure that whistle blowers get noticed.  Specifically, environmental whistle blowers.  The agency's website is here, and she writes a blog here.

Our Dad always taught us that it is important to love what you do.  When he wasn't happy teaching high school math, he moved us to South Bend, so he could get his PhD and teach at a university.  Carrie and I have both chosen careers that we are passionate about.  It's awesome to see her doing something she loves and kicking butt at it.

Carrie has never owned a car, and living in DC, I can see why.  It took me almost 45 minutes to find a parking spot downtown!!  Once I did, we went to this Spanish restaurant, and then went on the roof where her boyfriend lives to get a good view of the city.  In DC, buildings can not be taller than 13 stories, so it was a neat view to see a skyline all about the same height with the Washington Monument and the nation's Capital in the background.  I wish I had a good enough camera to capture this sight in the dark.  I did get a couple good pics though.

Here is Carrie and Harlan at the Chinatown gate:

chinatown gate

And a Starbucks with Chinese lettering:



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