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Interesting book about messaging wants your support

Messaging - or programming with flows - is different from your grandpa´s object orientation. It´s so different, it needs time and effort to wrap your head around it. And it needs more information and perspectives than currently available.

There are some initiatives underway like NoFlo or the Reactive Manifesto plus all sorts of frameworks on different levels of abstraction. But what´s missing is down-to-earth and easy to understand literature for the average developer.

Paul Morrison´s Flow-Based Programming is a bit dated. Ted Faison´s Event-Based Programming is pretty platform specific. Gregor Hohpe´s Enterprise Integration Patterns is not easy to apply to every day programming tasks.

The other day, though, I stumbled across this Kickstarter campaign for a book on data flow programming from Matt Carkci. That sounds like what I´m looking for. A book explaining fundamentals written by someone with experience in current technologies; Matt seems a guy like you and me and pretty down to earth. I like that.

So I pledged for the campaign and would like to ask you to do it, too, if you´re interested in getting flow-design or messaging further off the ground.

In case you´re not yet convinced: Let Matt tell you in his own words, why even a single dollar would be a good investment:

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