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Research and development is one of my interesting topics. I always like to do R&D. It has adventures, mining and digging in to the secrets. In my development saga I faced a lot of R&D .I mean even achieving a little thing in the learning is an R&D. For example .Net Ria Services was released last month. I was very interested in learning this and as a initiative downloaded all the necessary software's and installed. I went through some tutorials & blogs on how to achieve the functionality of RIA and connecting the same through Silverlight.

Then started the R&D phase. I did all the things as instructed in the tutorials. But I could not see the results. I tried building the application again and again. But no use. Then tried downloading the sample's given in the tutorials and tried running them and it successfully ran. I compared my sample with the one downloaded from tutorial. All were same and I could not figure out the difference.

I was thinking this same thing and worked lot of hours trying different combinations. The problem is that I did not understand the webservice reference concepts in the silverlight. RIA specifies to import the user service in the "App.XAML" then using that in the places wherever it's needed. I did this thing and could not achieve them. After doing a little bit study of the basics of RIA once again imported some namespaces and achieved that.

So the thing I learned at last was the way to do an R&D. Whenever we are struck with something and could not move further we should first of all try to achieve the working solution in the least possible way so that we can see results. Then automatically we will find the problems and fix them. Also basics are very important before proceeding. Most people see the working code examples and start's coding them before reading the basic. Please avoid this and you can avoid lot of your problems. So don't forget the basics and also try to achieve the least possible solution before proceeding. That's it R&D is done.



Thanigainathan S

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