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November 2011 Entries

Memory for managed code is handled by the garbage collector, but if you use any kind of unmanaged code, like native resources of any kind, open files, streams and window handles, your application may leak memory if these are not properly handled. To handle such resources the classes that own these in your application should implement the IDisposable interface, and preferably implement it according to the pattern described for that interface. When you suspect a memory leak, the immediate impulse would ......

Our free extension to Visual Studio , the folder based Build Explorer Version 1.1 has now been released, and uploaded to the Visual Studio Gallery and Codeplex. We have collected up a few changes and some bugs, as follows: Changes: Queue Default Builds can now be optionally fully enabled, fully disabled or enabled just for leaf nodes (=disabled for folders). If you got a large number of builds it was pretty scary to be able to launch all of them with just one click. However, it is nice to avoid having ......

UPDATED March 24th 2016: Test Data Retention is now added to TFS 2015 Update 1, see this post for more information.UPDATED Apr 15th 2013: Corrected to VS2012 Update 2 UPDATED Mar 23rd 2012: Added information about VS 11 UPDATED Mar 21st 2012: Added info and link to VS/TFS 11 tool for getting the Test Attachment Cleaner, now included with the TFS Power Tools UPDATED Mar 17th 2012: Added sql queries for TFS 11 Beta. Changed structure after Adam’s advices. Updated information. UPDATED Jan 9th 2012: ......