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Create AJAX-Enable WCF Service
One of the greatest features of WCF 3.5 is direct accessibility of WCF Service on ASP.Net page. Before that there is no direct way to call WCF 3.0 Service on ASP.Net page and you have to create a communication bridge in the form of Web service. Here you find on my blogs how to call AJAX-Enable WCF service from ASP.Net page. Here is my interface called IoperationService and its implementation class OperationService. namespace AJAXEnableServices { [ServiceContract(Namespace = "AJAXServices")] public ......

Posted On Thursday, May 29, 2008 8:21 PM

ASP.NET AJAX client-script intelliSence suppport in Visual Studio 2008
Lot geeks facing this problem, how to enable intellisence support in Visual Studio 2008 of ASP.NET AJAX client-script. Actually by default only JavaScript native intellisence support is available in Visual Studio 2008. Follow the Following steps to enable ASP.Net AJAX Client-script intellisence. Steps 1. Create Web Project in Visual Studio 2008. 2. Add Script Manager Control from toolbar on Default.aspx page. 3. Goto Script View and write the following function ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 27, 2008 8:32 PM

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