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My inetmgr mean Internet Information Services (Manager) is not working and i have demo to my client at 5:00 pm. 4:45 pm in my taskbar clock ooh God. I want to configure 1.1 application demo. The deployment was very easy when i have only one framework, but unfortunately on my laptop both framework version 1.1 and 2.0 has been installed. Aspnet_regiis.exe tool help me in the mapping of correct version of .net for 1.1 applicaion. The very common use of Aspnet_regiis.exe tool is to install and uninstall on the machine, with following flags
"aspnet_regiis.exe -i or -u".
Aspnet_regiis.exe tool is not end here you can use it for script mapping as well. Because the Aspnet_regiis.exe tool is associated with a specific version of the .NET Framework, you must use the appropriate version of Aspnet_regiis.exe to reconfigure the script map for an ASP.NET application. The Aspnet_regiis.exe tool reconfigures the script map of an ASP.NET application to the version of the ASP.NET ISAPI extension that matches the tool.

To use Aspnet_regiis.exe to script map for an ASP.NET application

  1. Open a Visual Studio 2003 Command prompt.

  2. Run the Aspnet_regiis.exe tool with the -s or -sn option and the path to the application. 

          Aspnet_regiis.exe -s W3SVC/1/ROOT/ClientDemoApp or
          Aspnet_regiis.exe -sn W3SVC/1/ROOT/ClientDemoApp

Posted on Monday, December 11, 2006 11:36 PM .Net , Microsoft Servers | Back to top

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