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I recently had the pleasure of attending Web Directions North, a conference focused on Web Standards and accessibility, in addition to more streamlined development processes. This 4 day event was packed with interesting discussions revolving around making sites better for the end user.

As someone who has been preaching the virtues of standards based development for a few years now, it was nice to be surrounded with like-minded individuals. It's ever more clear to me the direction the web is headed that the development layers are becoming ever more intertwined. From the UI layer, CSS and (x)html, incorporating behaviors, JavaScript, and AJAX, bridging the server side gap. As a result, it seems ever more important to develop applications which adhere to standards from front to back.

Of particular interest were discussions on Microformats, courtesy of John Allsopp, one of the event organizers, Dan Cederholm, a web standards expert, and Tantek Celik, Chief Technologist at Technorati and former representative to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for Microsoft. If you don't know anything about Microformats, I would suggest visiting I feel that Microformats are such an important representation of developing standards based formats that I've decided to write a suite of .NET server controls for some of the more common formats, such as XFN, vCard, vCalendar, and vEvent. I'll be sure to post a link to download the completed controls.

Visit the Web Directions North site for more info, including all the slide decks and speakers' notes.

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