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After downloading Vista Enterprise from MSDN and finally got round to installing it!!! And wow!! It's really is pretty! a total joy to use.

To top it off I installed Office 2007 and am publishing this post with Word 2007.

I have had a couple of problems installing it with a few things not working straight away I had to search around for some drivers and my printer software wont install but the drivers are OK.

My PC has a rank of 4.0 on the "Vista Scale" out of (apparently) 5.9(?) see more here; next year when I hopefully get a Quad Core machine I will be at or above 5.9! I have two monitors which function fine (although I would have liked to have seen a utility for sending windows to different monitors instead of using something like Multi Mon).

A couple views from Vista....
(One of my favs!)

IE7 with Graphite colour.....

Now a couple of problems that are bugging me perhaps someone can shed some light....

When running VS 2005 Team for software devs I get this...

...if I click Run Program it seems to work fine? Checking for solutions online tells me there is an issue but nothing more

Then there is User Access control, every time I try and run something like Computer Manager my screens go Black for a split second then I get asked if I want to allow it...I can see the benefit of this but surely logged in as Admin running parts of the OS should be OK or at least remember that I have allowed it?!? If I turn it off I am greeted with a warning every time I log in.

Going to continue re-installing my software and see what else pops up. J

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# re: Vista Installed :)
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Wow - a 4.0? I installed it for a test run on two laptops I have scored a 1.0 and the other a 3.0
Left by Lou Vega on Dec 15, 2006 12:17 AM

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Yup, VS 2005 has issues... but I'm sure that SP1 will have addressed that:

Left by Carl Wright on Dec 15, 2006 9:34 AM

# re: Vista Installed :)
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Hi Carl, thx for your tip.

I have installed SP1 and now I have a new message!
Visual Studio 2005 Sp1 requires the Update for Windows Vista to run with Admin permissions.

I have run Windows update but nothing....
Clicking the link on the popup to learn more about using VS on Vista takes me here, (which is nothing!)
Left by Steve on Dec 16, 2006 9:58 AM

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