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Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for Dummies by Vanessa L. Williams
As soon as I got my job as a SharePoint programmer, I was given a couple of books to get familiar with SharePoint as a server. One of the books is Vanessa L. Williams’Microsoft SharePoint 2007 For Dummies”.

Most of the book focuses on:

  • Tips and features of the server

  • Detailed step by step information to configure a SharePoint Server

  • Set up sites

  • Granting access to users

  • Creating personal sites

  • Data and business management

  • Ways on how to monitor and back-up your server 

As the book cover says: “Deploy and set up SharePoint Server 2007”, this book tackles the administration side of SharePoint, so those developers who are looking for information on how to create portals and sites, libraries, reports etc, should look elsewhere. 

The only problem I found out in this book is the fact that some of the screenshots are not as readable, and one has to try out the things done in order to see what is really happening. In my opinion, a book made for dummies, should have better explained and detailed screenshots, to make things clear. 

This book, gives you a good head start in understanding SharePoint. In my opinion, every SharePoint developer has to have an idea of what the server is like, and those who are not familiar with SharePoint’s server should go through this book because the author knows what she is talking about and she writes in a way that it is easy to understand.

Buy it from here:

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