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I noticed that Bill Evjen ( ) and Kevin Grossnicklaus ( ) had started blogs, and they are very prominent managers at Lipper (in Saint Louis, Missouri) which is a division of Reuters ...  I thought some of the readers out there may be interested in contributions from someone more junior than these two titans of tech.

First off, the interview process at Lipper was impressive.  Bill Evjen and two other developers interviewed me while I was driving up to Ontario for a fishing trip with two friends.  Somehow the fact that my cell phone connection was dropped several times during the course of the interview did not faze them.  I don't have permission to write about any specific questions from the interview, but it's fair to say that the questions were mixed - some involved more theoretical computer science questions, and some were very specific to C# and Oracle... 

In any event, I am stoked to be working on the Lipper project - to be involved with top notch talent and technology always helps!

I will be posting basic survival tips for a programmer later in this blog as well as information on tools (or new features of VS 2005/2008) that I use to facilitate project development.  Also, I may be sharing some interesting uses of design patterns as they occur to me.

Thanks for reading!

Jonathan Starr

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 7:39 PM C# , Personal | Back to top

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