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College is opening tommorow and I am thinking what i have done in past 1 and half months of vacations.

The only thing i can remember is bluz,my open source project.
Where is that p2p thing i decided earlier?
All the research papers about skype,overlay networks ,guntella etc are lying there on disk as it is.i have read them only once.I have read not understood..

The positive side of vacations is:
1)I learned a lot about WPF,Blend etc.
2) I am participating in win7 contest based on above experience.
3)I met shaun,my  new co-developer of bluz..
4)I have got some books of ASP.Net by bill ,scott and  WPF book by Mathew macdonald..

And now i have some web 2.0 ideas that i hope to implement as a way of parcticing this stuff.Thats a business idea,So you might  see something interesting on web soon.

So,If i look back that way,I think it was more rewarding than any of internship i could get.

Now ,its my last year of  graduation,My targets include:
1)Enjoy it fully.I know thats hard but i'll have to make this year remeberable .
2)Implement business ideas.(I love making money in humanatic way).
3)Make final year Project.
The 3rd one is where i'll cut my efforts ,Becoz i don't think that really matters as compared to my learning.Also,I don't see potential partners for a cool. .Net team to make a cool project at the college.

cya guys,

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