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I gotta admit, I really like PowerShell. No, that's not accurate. I love PowerShell. I love PowerShell like babyback ribs love sauce. My relationships with PowerShell has bloomed from piqued interest to full blown infatuation.

PowerShell fits the bill of what I look for with tools - not overly engineered, actually useful, lightweight and extensible.

But since I have taken such a liking to PowerShell, that makes me wonder...isn't PowerShell supposed to be designed for admins who aren't programmers?

Becuase I'm not an admin, I'm a programmer. And almost all the blog and articles I've come across so far are written by programmers or DBA's. So I do wonder if admins are actually adopting it.

I mean, I really like using it and I like the lightweight implementation. I am curious if most of the user base is programmers like me. Posted on Monday, August 4, 2008 9:17 AM | Back to top

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