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"Never having been able to succeed in the world, they took revenge by speaking ill of it."

I've got a new term for people who flock to sites like Digg, but don't really comment on the content of submitted stories or headlines. Instead, they comment on the post itself, complaining about duplicate submissions or wording. I call these people Diggnats - (pronounced 'Dig - natz') because that's the impression I get- little whiny flies buzzing around and offering nothing substantive.

It's not just limited to Digg, of course - YouTube, Yahoo! or any platform for commentary has these insects loitering about. For every comment of real discussion, there are ten with little quips attempting to be humorous, grammer police, wisecracks and ingnorance.

I don't have an issue with real discussion, or even dissention - I think it's great, we have to be willing to ask ourselves the hard questions and invite intellectual challenges. But this stuff is just nonsense.

It's probably best summed up brilliantly by this XKCD comic strip.

The only solace is that people who spend so much time posting this stuff will probably also get in in on that 'great Nigerian money deal'. Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 2:07 PM | Back to top

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