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2 days back I installed Community Server 2.1 (SP2) with hosting provider webhost4life. They have a very handy Pre Installed Community Server Thing... Just 2 clicks and you get the Community Server Installed...All was going ok and I was very happy with this new hosting provider and about to test the emailsettings so I put the smtp details as provided by the hosting provider and then logged off. Pressed forgot password link and wanted to test whether the forgot password email sending option is working with the admin account..... The email never came and I wanted to log back again to find out what is wrong---but soon realised for some reason the admin account got locked and I cannot log in any more...............

Go figure the forgot password link is not working and I cannot login as the only admin account I have. Also Client is going to demo the forum site Saturday Morning........

I rushed and lodged my first ever service ticket with this new hosting provider (webhost4life)........

which was something like this:

My Admin account for CommunityServer has got locked for some reason.
I need to work on this...asap.....Please help a quick help will be very very appreciated....

I Keept my fingers crossed and was waiting for the reply.....I was already running behind schedule and now this mess.....Finally after 1 hour of waiting a reply came.... and I was very surprised to see the reply.....

( Staff )
2/21/2007 10:31:28 PM
There is service charge $19.95 to reset your password in you database, please let us know if you want to proceed, thanks!

I told myself "blood hell" just for resetting the password I am not going to pay USD 19.95........and they are asking for money on my first ever service ticket.... I bought their service, they looked good and reasonable to me.....never realised hidden cost for support.... not sure what they are going to charge if in future I go and ask for anything else.

I then replied asking if they can fix the email settings so that the forgot password link starts working and get my password... I was more surprised when the second reply came after 21 hours of waiting saying more or less they can't do anything and advised me to look at the changing the password in db directly. 

I was simply bursting on anger realising the level of service that I am getting from them......I believe they have all the steps documented on how to reset the password and they did not want to share that with me and did not help me at all.....

Anyways I decided not to pay them and I am going to stick on my decision ........

And after spending just 15 minutes on this problem I resetted the password successfully.

1. Connect to the CommunityServer Database

2. Two tables you should be interested in [aspnet_Membership] and [aspnet_Users]

3. Run this SQL in [aspnet_Users]
select * from aspnet_Users
find the UserID for the username you are looking for

4. Run this SQL in [aspnet_MemberShip]
select * from [aspnet_MemberShip] where UserID= 'TheUseridYouFoundOnYourLastQuery'

5a. This first should be the easiest and this method worked on my local machine but did not work on the production server....
Simply browse
here the last guid is what I found in the UserID field.

Then the ChangePassword will popup and you can reset your password its that easy....

5b. When the first method did not work I went for this second method.....
I chosen a User of whom I know the password then I queried for the Password and PasswordSalt data from the aspnet_Membership table for that user and replaced it with my admin account.

To do this I ran the following Update statement

update [dbo].[aspnet_Membership]
set failedpasswordattemptcount = 0,
password ='mi81BiiXFeBYGgA5uW_This password I got from a different UserID',
passwordsalt='D7AzdbILB7LGGBmBQn_This one also I got from that different UserID',
where userid = 'The UserID that you want to Update'

Walla all good now .... I logged in as admin again and the first thing I did is created a second admin account so if for some reason this first one do not work I have a backup admin account.....

Good Luck on recovering your AspNet Membership password

Posted on Friday, February 23, 2007 4:33 AM | Back to top

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passwordformat = 0 and setting the password in plain text would also have done the trick.
Left by Peter Huisman on May 03, 2007 11:18 PM

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