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I think a person's start menu says a lot about them.  So show us your start menu!  It's a simple Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen.


Running Windows XP, the company is not overall aggressive about adopting the new OS even though we are a software company.  Not running a standard skin (that's the Zune skin).  Using IE, not Firefox.  Must be a company thing?  Windows Live Writer is the top program.  I post once or twice a day from work during downtime, but I don't leave the application open.  Visual Studio, Notepad and SQL Server on the list.  Typical for Microsoft developers.  There's Adobe Reader.  Too cheap to buy the full version.  Use Paint.NET a lot for web application graphics.  And finally good old Excel.  When you just got to have cheap and easy data management.


Running Vista, early adopter. Battlestar logo.  Like's black desktops.  There's IE again.  WTF?!  Zune and iTunes tops the list.  I use the laptop mostly for fun.  Visual Studio, Notepad and SQL Server again.  Still gotta work, even from home.  Windows Live Writer for GWB.  Backup and Restore?  No idea why this is on the list.  Excel again.  Has a SmartPhone.  There's Paint.NET again.  Window's update?  That says a lot about the number of MS patches.  Any finally some basic math assistance.


Microsoft fanboy that blogs too much :)

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# OT: My Start Menu as at April 2006
Requesting Gravatar...
Scott Kuhl has put out the challenge to "Show us your Start Menu".
Mine is below. It's horribly mis-representative...
Left by Thomas Williams on Apr 03, 2007 9:50 PM

# re: Show Us Your Start Menu
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Hi Scott, I like your XP skin! I've posted on my Start Menu at

Cheers, Thomas
Left by Thomas Williams on Apr 03, 2007 8:51 PM

# re: Show Us Your Start Menu
Requesting Gravatar... 12 i own my own laptop.....on accident i clicked something wrong and now m Paint is gone from my start menu how do i get tit back when i cant fing it any where? i looked in every file...please help me.... Umzee.
Left by Umzee on Aug 30, 2007 3:32 PM

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