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If you have not seen the final episode yet, don't read any farther.


The "obvious"?

Okay, so I guess what they are trying to reveal is that all four characters hearing the music are Cylons (Tigh, Sam, Tory and Chief) and Starbuck makes five.  Starbuck's re-appearance means she survived death and while she was dead the location of Earth was revealed.

Right?  Because I am a little confused from the high of Starbuck still being alive after pulling this massive scam on the media.

The conspiracy

Okay, so what is the less obvious solution.  Here is my theory.

First, Starbuck.  Where did she get that ship?  I don't think it was the same one that blew up.  Or am I crazy?  I don't think she is a Cylon.  I think she found a wormhole to Earth, got the ship there and traveled back through the nebula.

Second, the other four.  Each of them has a long established back story, some including parents.  The Cylons would have planted them a LONG time before the attack.  I think they are descendents the same tribe that went to Earth.  I think they are hearing the music because it is some sort of signal coming from Earth and the nebula is transmitting it the same way it was used to send Starbuck back.

What do you think is going on?

Update:  Well, not surprising I was wrong on at least one point.  Those four ARE Cylons, unless the producer is just outright lying at this point.  No answers about Starbuck yet, those are being left for Season 4.  Here is an interview with Ron Moore about the finale.

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