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  • ASP.NET Collapsible Draggable Panel Server Control - The collapsible panel extends the WebControl and it provides: A designer where users can place other controls inside (using the default ReadWriteControlDesigner), the collapsible panel can be nested and the panel is draggable.
  • Building Client/Server applications with VB.NET for secure private file sharing - In this article, a simple client/server solution is presented for secure private file sharing. The security is provided through a symmetric encryption algorithm (AES 128) with shared secret keys. It could be more efficient and practical in many situations, when small groups are established.
  • Services Microsoft Should, Could (and Just Might) Develop - Reading between the lines of Ray Ozzie's services memo, here are the Microsoft deliverables we think will surface first.
  • Microsoft moves further into hosting - The company on Monday announced Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 3.5, which lets service providers offer small and midsize businesses what Microsoft terms "enterprise-quality" email, calendaring, contacts, real time collaboration and mobility capabilities.
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Its giving a path error when we use it in control.
Left by Rajesh Kumar on Mar 06, 2006 11:30 AM

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