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Great event : Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch @ Microsoft TechEd Blore


I was really excited on attending the day 1 of Microsoft TechEd 2010 in Bangalore.

This is the first Teched that am attending.

TechEd 2010

The event was really fun filled with lot of knowledge sharing sessions and lots of goodies and gifts by the partners

Initially the Event Started by Murthy's Session. He explained about the Developers relating to the 5 elements of nature

(Pancha Boothaas)

1. Fire - Passion

2. Wave (Water) - Catch the right wave which we need to apply.

3. Earth - Connections and lots of opportunities around the world

4. Air -  Its whatever we breathe. Developers.. Without them nothing is possible. they are like the air

5. Sky - Cloud based applications


Next the Keynote and the announcement of Visual Studio by SomaSegar. List of things that he delivered his speech on :

1. Announcement of Visual Studio 2010

2. Announcement of .NET 4.0

3. Announcement of Silverlight later this week

4. What is the current Trend? Microsoft has done a research with many developers across the globe

and have got the following feedback from the users.

  • Get Lost (interrupted) - When we do some work and somebody is calling or interrepting by someother way we lose track of what we were doing and we need to do from the start
  • Falling Behind- Technology gets updated  phenomenally over a period of time and developers always have a scenario like they are not in the state of the art technology and they always have a doubt whether they are staying updated.
  • Lack of Collobaration - When a Manager asks a person what the team members have done and some might be done and some might not be and finally all are into a state like we dont know where we are.

So they have addressed these 3 points in the VS 2010 by the following features :

  • Get Lost - Some cool features which could overcome this. We have some Graphical interface. which could show what we have done and where we are. Some Zoom features in the code level.
  • Falling Behind - Everything is based on .NET language base. 2010 has been built in such a way that if developers know the native language that's enough for building good applications.
  • Lack of Collobaration - Some Dashboard Features which would show where exactly the project is. And a graphical user interface is shown on clicking which it directly drills down even to the code level.

5. An overview on all new features in VS 2010.

6. Some good demos of new features in VS 2010 by Polita and one more girl.

Some of the new features included :

1. Team Explorer

2. Zoom in Code

3. Ribbon Development

4. Development in Single Platform for Windows Phone, XBox, Zune, Azure, Web Based and Windows based applications

5. Sequence Diagram Generation directly from code

6. Dashboards to show project status

7. Javascript and JQuery intellisense

8. Native support for JQuery

9. Packaging feature while deploying.

10. Generation of different versions of web.config like Web.Config.Production, Web.Config.Staging, etc.

11. IntelliTrace - Eliminating the "Not Reproducible" statement.

12. Automated User Interface Testing.

At last in the closing of the day we had a great event called Demo Extravaganza, where lot of cool projects that were launched by Microsoft and also the projects that are under research were also shown.

I got a lot of info about Bing today.

BING really rocks!!! It has the following :

1. Visual Search

2. Product based search. For each product different menu filters were provided to make an advanced search

3. BING Maps was awesome!! It zoomed in to the street level and we can assume that we are the persons who are walking or running on the road and we can see the real objects like buildings moving by our side.

4. PhotoSynth was used in BING to show up all the images taken around the globe in a 3D format.

5. Formula - If we give some formula it automatically gives the value for the variable or derivation of expression

Also some info about some kool touch apps which does an authentication and computation of Teched Attendee's

Points that they have scored and the sessions attended.

One guy won an XBOX in lucky draw as a gift.

There were lot of Partner Stalls like Accenture,Intel,Citrix,MicroFocus,Telerik,infragistics,Sapient etc.

Some Offers were provided for us like 50% off on Certifications, 1 free Elearning Course, etc.

Stay tuned!! Wil update you on other events too..

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