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I spent the afternoon with the Geolocator object in the WinRT and Widows 8 platform. I have also been working with doing Windows Phone 7 development, and first had to wrap my head around the fact that while similar, it is not the same as the GeoCoordinateWatcher that environment. I found a nice example here

But the behavior of my app wasn’t the same. Once you ensure that location services is enabled by following these instructions:

Location Services was still disabled. From everything I read, it sounded like the first time you try to use the Geolocator object, the user would be prompted to allow to “Access to your location”. After nosing around I found the issue. You need to add the location service as a Capability in the Package.appxmanifest file:


After checking the box, I was prompted to allow access to location services as expected the first time I needed to use it.

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