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This was about as straight forward of an affair as one would think for installing a Beta product. Once I got over my own memory lapses of what do first.

VMWare Player:

After spending about an hour trying to find a 32bit version of Windows Server 2008 (which will be the last 32bit Server OS according to Microsoft), I gave up and capitulated to having to use VMWare, since VirtualPC does NOT support 64 bit operating systems. The answer to the question: “What am I supposed use?” from the Microsoft is to use HyperV, but again, that seemed like more work.


Now that Server 2008 is installed and running (Version doesn’t matter for this), I installed SP1, and a day or so later all of the updates were applied and I was finally ready to start installing TFS! Make sure your VM has allocated min 4GB memory or the install will tell you “You do no have enough Memory”. When installing SP 2010, it will tell you that performance will be affected unless you have 10GB of ram installed, but it will work. It is little wonder that MS is ceasing support for 32bit OSs after 2008, since it seems that the memory required by their products cannot be addresses by 32bit systems anymore.

TFS 2011 Beta:

Maybe it is because that I have installed every version of TFS since the first one I can’t remember what the installer does versus what I need to do first (or maybe it is that I am almost 40), but after the installer told me that Reporting Services wasn’t installed, I remembered that I needed to install SQL Server 2008 first. Make sure to install EVERYTHING if you are doing a standalone instance

  • Reporting Services
  • Analysis Services
  • Et Al.

SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 + Hotfixes:

Ok, start installing SQL 2008 R2. After that completes there are 4 other things that need to be installed to get SQL. The error message that you get from the TFS installed includes a link that you can go to to request access to the additional items that need to be installed to get SQL up to snuff for TFS 2011

  • Service Pack1 with cumulative updates
  • MasterDataServices
  • RS Sharepoint (I never did get this to install, it kept rolling back, but TFS didn’t complain during the install and appears work work)

It seems like I always for get this step as well, but TCP/IP needs to be enabled in SQL Server for TFS to install.


After 3 days (off and on, mind you) I have a working VMWare TFS2011 Beta installed and ready for configuration and playing.

Now, I just to figure out how to get my VS2011 Beta running outside of the VM to talk to it….stay tuned…

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