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Workspaces provide a dynamic online environment enabling collaboration on software projects without the barriers created by geographical or network boundaries. It is an online shared development environment where .NET developers can create, host and manage projects throughout the project lifecycle. Its sort of GotDotNet (.NET projects) answers to SourceForge.Net (running to the tune of 90,000 projects for the Java, C++ and what not geeks).


I secretly feel that open source is the next wave to come, we have seen a lot of talk and promises in the past but this time around it’s different. It’s not going to be the holy pure stuff we think of it anymore. But with the changes in the model, all largly  commercial. CTO and maintainability have big part to play in the evolution of the Open Source business model. Companies like MySql and Compere (ERP) although share their code for FREE (as i should be) but now they are also earning by giving formal contracts to other organizations who simply don’t have the in-house resources to customize the applications in addition the organisations seek live support, which is more money minting for the owners, once again.


What I see is that in the future is that code can put up for non commercial use and customization and products where the service rather then the value of code matters the license can be tweaked so that no commercial activity happens using the code for any 3rd party. What this does is gives the owners the right over there code but still lets the helpers benifit along the way.


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