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Upcoming Events for 2010

One of my goals for the year was to speak at least three times this year and from the looks of things, it appears I’ll meet that goal in the first half of the year. 

This is what’s going on this year for me (subject to additions/changes):


Rocky Mountain Tech Tri-Fecta 2.0

RMTT (hash tag #rmtt) will be the last weekend of February. I’m going to be doing a Birds of a Feather presentation. From what I understand, the BoF presentations will be at 7AM for one hour. I will be facilitating/leading a group discussion on automation tools. Here is the abstract:

Build/Deploy Automation & Developer Automation Tools

This will be an open discussion about build/deploy and developer automation. In the .NET world, there has been a serious need for better tooling in this area and we can discuss the needs/deficits. If the conversation steers toward demos, we can take a look at a build tool called UppercuT, which is the fastest zero to professional build you will find in the .Net market to date (plus it's 100% free!). We can also look at a database change management tool known as RoundhousE. Another tool that may be shown is a project (solution and everything else) templating tool known as Warmup. Other tools are open for discussion and demos. If you have a developer automation tool you love, or you are are a developer automation tool builder, come ready to discuss your tools!

Coders For Charities

Coders For Charities (hash tag #c4c) will be the last weekend of March. This is the 3rd Annual C4C event where “dozens of Kansas City area web developers, designers, and business analysts will engage with local non-profit organizations for a weekend of ‘giving back’ to their communities.” This is something I’ve been wanting to do since the first event three years ago. It looks like an awesome event. If you are in the KC area and you haven’t already signed up for this event, what are you waiting for? This is going to be a great place to meet other developers and work hard on something that benefits a charity or non-profit organization.

Chicago Alt.NET May Meeting

I believe I will be presenting on UppercuT when I go out to Chicago Alt.NET’s monthly meeting in May. I’ve never been to Chicago, and I’ve heard that it’s beautiful in May. There may be some touring in order. I’m pretty excited to get out to see the sites and hang out with a bunch of cool, smart people up in the windy city. If I present on UppercuT, this is the abstract:

Automated Builds: How to UppercuT Your Code!
“Build – it’s not just for F5 anymore.”

How you build your code and verify quality is something that is usually not thought of at the beginning of a project, but is one of the most important things you can add to code! During this session we will go over the conventions in building and verifying code quality. We will see a project that is using automated builds and how all of the conventions are applied. We are going to see UppercuT and how well suited it is for automated builds. UppercuT is a build framework (based in NAnt) that allows rapid and powerful use of NAnt without having to understand the intricacies of NAnt. The last thing we will do is apply UppercuT to a project to show you how fast you can go from F5 to automated builds!

KC .NET User Group July Meeting

At the KC DNUG I’ll be presenting on RoundhousE in July. KC DNUG is a fantastic group and I enjoy every event I can get to with them! Here is the abstract:

Database Change Management with RoundhousE!
"Because kicking your database is a good thing!"

Many would not argue that you need to version your code, and few would argue that you should version your code in a way that can lead you back to a specific point in source control history. However, most people don't really think of doing the same with your database. That's where RoundhousE comes in. RoundhousE versions your database how you want. Not to mention it's one of the most intelligent database migrations tools out there, it also helps you keep your scripts in source control in a way that makes sense. We'll walk through the tool and its features and then open for questions. You'll see how it can make database change management extremely simple for you and how it makes auditors and DBAs smile. RoundhousE - you know you want to learn more...

Kansas City Developers Conference

KCDC (hash tag #kcdc) doesn’t have a firm date yet from what I hear. I don’t know much about this one yet, other than that I am so there. Hopefully talking about something cool as well!

Virtual Alt.NET Meetings

Virtual Alt.NET, lovingly known as the VAN hosts meetings on Wednesday nights. Now I believe that is going to be once a month.  I’m hoping to present on two topics this year. One of those is UppercuT and the other is RoundhousE (same abstracts as above). The dates for these are not set in stone yet, and I probably shouldn’t be trying to jinx it by talking about them yet! I’m really excited to do a presentation online though and how that will work out!

Other Events

I loved Iowa Code Camp last year. It was awesome! I am definitely looking forward to another round with a bunch of awesome guys/gals! Tulsa TechFest was another event I really enjoyed and I would like to get back to this year. One I’ve never been to and think I would like to check out is the Heartland Developers Conference (HDC).

I’m open to other cool events and meeting more people smarter than I am. What conferences are you going to that I might find interesting?

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