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If you have been following my tweets (or have been anywhere around me since MVP Summit), you have likely heard me randomly screaming in my very obvious Nashville accent "SHAREPOINT NATION!", especially at events/conferences and such (they typically frown on me randomly screaming it at work).  :-) 

Here is a little insight.  SharePoint Nation is a name that we started giving to all of us SharePoint folks as we seem to connect at conferences, events, etc. and somehow are bonded by the product that we work with everyday.  It was really apparent at MVP summit when they were constantly trying to break us up by region (i.e. US, Europe, Asia, etc.) as well as TechEd 2008 this year.  We all somehow connected and ended up having a lot of fun (and a couple of times actually saw the sun was a lot of late nights).  Despite the free food and drinks at Summit, ALL of the SharePoint people refused to be separated into regions and ended up connecting elsewhere and doing our own thing.  For example, we missed the first day of pre-conference stuff just to go play paintball! 

THAT is what being a part of SharePoint Nation is all about.  Connecting with people who have a common bond (in this case, it's SharePoint), despite your background, home town, personal beliefs, etc. and making friendships that stick.  Maybe it is because we are collaboration people (e.g. SharePoint is a collaboration product), maybe not...I have made friendships that go way beyond people that you meet up with a conferences...Do you have to be a SharePoint MVP, author, or speaker?  OF COURSE NOT!  Whenever you see us out (we usually travel in large groups) join up, hang out, and have a good time!  We are a fun bunch to hang out with.

We are SharePoint Nation!

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Sounds great!
Actually we are working with SharePoint from many years ago. Our business is all based on WSS but we work more on customization than development. Maybe thats the reason why we were not going to all those conferences.
Actually I will be going to the MSFT WPC in Houston.. but that one sis not for developers only.

Is the SharePoint Nation community sharing info in Faebook, some SharePoint site or something like that? I would like to join and I'm sure that Boris as well.

Kind regards,

Jose Antonio
Left by Jose Antonio on Jun 20, 2008 11:01 AM

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