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I have a laptop running VISTA Ultimate with an 80 GB hard-drive.  Something unseen to me is consuming my hard drive. Here's my steps in figuring out what is happening.  I have not resolved the issue yet, but will keep updating this post until it is resolved.

  • I had already deleted all of my Temporary Internet Files using the IE Browser.
  • After digging through the folders via Windows Explorer, I discovered that C:\Users\<my name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder was 25GB.  Yet when I look inside the folder, none of the subfolders is large.  (I am showing all hidden files and folders).
  • I then ran Windows Explorer as an Administrator.  (Navigated to C:\Windows\Explorer.exe).  I can now see a Temporary Internet Files folder under the C:\Users\<my name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder.  This is nearly 25GB. (using right click- properties to check it).  However, the files and folders do not come close to 25GB.
  • I checked the Previous Versions tab for the Temporary Internet Files.  There is one file and it is 23 GB! I now know the file, but I do not know of any way to delete it. 
  • I deleted all of my System Restore points except the most recent.  (Control Panel - System and Maintenance - System - System Protection).  That only decreased the use by less than 1 GB.  I turned off  Restore Points and rebooted.  I still do not have my space back; so I turned automatic restore points back on.
  • Next steps: Time to tweet and see if I can get a solution.





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