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Hello all! I've never kept a blog before, and I have never created a Windows application before either. So I'm starting out “Learning C# The Fun Way!”, mmmm.... games.....


We'll just have to see how it goes. I haven't programmed in over a year, and it was some simple asp with vb, and it has been 3 or so years since I have programmed any sort of “real” application.


The most coding I have done is in C/C++ on DOS and Linux platforms, and mostly for school.

I am an undergrad who is taking a “break”, well actually, didn't do so well in my 2nd year of University, and I haven't been in a classroom or lecture hall in over 2 years, so I gonna have to dust of the ol' learning curve.


I already have an idea of the type of game I want to create, although, the first few months I will be learning before I even create a source file to start that project. The game I want to create would sort of be like a cross between Earthworm Jim mixed with the character control found in Abuse. For those of you who remember that DOS side scroller by (which was ported to Mac by the pre-Microsoft, Bungie Software).


Anyway, off to watch those webcasts!

Posted on Monday, May 29, 2006 12:06 AM | Back to top

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