August 2011 Entries

Using HTML5 Local Storage in ASP.NET Applications
I recently delivered a Zeollar session on Using HTML5 Local Storage in ASP.NET Applications Following it up with a blog post on the contents, since a few mentioned that the code was not better aligned/readable. Local Storage and Offline Web Applications are 2 promising features of HTML5 going around the web apart from the (already tired of?) Videos. Local Storage (persistent storage) is not entirely new since we had cookies ever since sliced bread (or seems to be so). But, the limitation of 4KB on ......

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MVC 3 and Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2010–August 2011 Release
The new version of Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2010 i.e. the August 2011 release just got out. You can read and download it from My favorite pick is the ability to add MVC3 Web Roles. In the past we had to do certain work-around for running MVC3 Applications. Now, there is an ability to add MVC 3 Web Role There is now support for Universal ......

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AJAX Control Toolkit, NuGet Package Manager Console and the new HTMLEditorExtender Control
Its been a while since I played with Web forms, AJAX stuff. I was curious in checking out, particularly how the AJAX Control Toolkit which used to be my favorite in the past is evolving. There is a new release of AJAX Control Toolkit, just hot off the oven. You can download the binaries from http://ajaxcontroltoolkit.c... Now, while the regular way we have downloaded and used AJAX Control Toolkit is by visiting the above codeplex page and download the latest version, there is also a newer ......

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