Issues with IE8 Beta 2? Opening blank popus?


Update: The RCI Version is now available for Download at 

If you have installed the IE 8 Beta 2 and have been using it for sometime, you would have benefited some of the features such as the Accelerators, In-private browsing, instant search, web slices and other enhanced navigation features.  You can find more information on the same at and a detailed recorded online session, that we delivered some time back at

As much as people have loved the new features and shared positive feedback, there have also been issues that have been reported, many of them owing to compliance standards not followed by the websites and hence the resulting poor site rendering.

To clarify, IE8 follows the latest web standards and is CSS 2.1 compliant and hence it makes rendering of websites that don’t follow these standards look poorer or break.  However, there is a “compatibility view” icon next to the refresh icon at the end of the URL window that makes these sites look better since they are designed for earlier versions of the browser.

There was one particular issue that surfaced with respect to popups where IE opens up blank popups and loses the popup URLs.  This issue seems to have been fixed in the Beta 2 build and at least I no longer surface this issue.  If you have issues even with the Beta 2 build, try removing it and reinstalling the same.  (You can remove IE 8 in Windows XP from Add-Remove Programs and in Windows Vista from “View Installed Updates” in Add-Remove Programs)

If you have doubts on the version that you are running, open Internet Explorer, click on the “Help” menu and select “About Internet Explorer”.  The version number should read as 8.0.6001.18241  (note the Help menu will show up, if you press “Alt” in case you aren’t able to see the File menu in the top)

Note that in case you are running Windows 7 Beta, IE 8 comes built-in and the version number of it is 8.0.7000.0

If you are a developer targeting IE8, the MSDN forum should give you valuable information and resources

To follow the IE Team, visit or subscribe to

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