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I read an article today that's right on.

I've been in the Microsoft world for quite a while, and I'm generally happy with them.  That doesn't mean I haven't used other platforms or technologies like Oracle, Eclipse, Java, BEA Tuxedo, Perl, Ruby on Rails, several different distributions of linux (I started an ISP on linux), AS/400, RPG, Visual RPG, VAX, DEC Alpha, WPF, etc.  Wow, I look at that list and realize that I've seen quite a few different technologies!  I've seen enough to not be a bigot. 

We're here to write software for people, and we use the tools that work the best for what it is that we're trying to accomplish, and in my opinion, right now Microsoft has the edge.  SQL Server is better than Oracle, especially from a cost stand-point, C# is better than Java.  I don't know if you can compare anything to Ruby. . . WPF is better than Flash (especially with 1.1 beta release), Visual Studio 2005 with Resharper beats any other IDE, especially Eclipse, although I haven't used JetBrains IDE for Java, so I can't compare that.  Linux beats Sun's and HP's various OS's.  RPG never should have been invented (so I am a bigot).

If someone makes a product I want at a price I want, I'll buy/use it.  But if it's not better than what I have, I won't.  It really is that simple.

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Thanks for the link. I agree wholeheartedly...
Left by Martin Hinshelwood on Aug 24, 2007 7:44 AM

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