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I've accepted a new position and will be starting work at the end of this month.

For this position, I will be in a corp to corp situation and will be setting up an S-CORP, since I have a few other ideas about things that I want to implement instead of just straight consulting.

Since I've never done any of this before, I'll tell you about how things go during the set-up process.  This will all be happening in the state of Utah.  I can, apparently, register a new corporation directly with the corporation website from the utah government.

I've notified my old employer that I'll be leaving in two weeks, but haven't heard back from them.  That's not surprising since other than receiving my paychecks, I haven't heard from them since I signed on for consulting.

Janet's blog has also been helpful.  I've got a good accountant, so we'll see if this is really all I need to do.

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Talk to a tax accountant and a corporate attorney during this process to make sure you are setting it up correctly. John and I used another firm to get it all squared away for a small fee, but it was well worth the investment. Oh yeah, taxes are not fun, and corporate taxes are scary, so make sure you get a good accountant to go over your books regularly. Entrepreneurship is fun and I hope you are very successful.
Left by Jeff Julian on Jan 16, 2007 4:53 AM

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