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This morning my Box had slowed down quite a bit and I decided to clean it up. Basically, I hopped to Add / Remove Programs screen and started picking the stuff I didn't need. Of the list of Items I removed were:

  • Azerus - a bulky Bit Torrent Client (which I had not replaced with BitLord).
  • Adobe Photo Album - that abode had just fooled me into installing when I installed Acrobat reader.
  • Windows Work Flow Foundation - this was an early Beta Release that I had downloaded to play around with but wasn't using anyways - so I decided to delete this.

Having done this I decided to start working. I start my Visual Studio 2005 - the splash screen comes up and Bang!! Crash!

"Microsoft Visual Studio has encountered a problem and needs to close."

The problem was strikingly similar to but the only difference being Ken (the person who posted the above message) was working on a Beta Release and I was on RTM.

Turns, out - the only other piece of information avilable in the “detailed report” that was being sent to Microsoft was: Faulting application devenv.exe and faulting module kernel32.dll and of course a whole ton of memory addresses I understand nothing about.

Hmmm. I start thinking and putting to practise what is often reffered to as “Debugging by co-incidence” - After a couple of hours of investigating I discover another item in my Add / Remove Program List which is “Windows Work Flow Foundation Extentions For Visual Studio” (or something like that). My guess was I removed work flow foundation and didn't remove the extentions so Visual Studio.NET doesn't know what to do and crashes!

So, If I remove this as well that might fix the problem. I do. Bingo! I start my Visual Studio 2005 instance and it works just fine!

Now - Here are a few questions:

  1. Is there any blessed way by which I could have read that “detailed report” and understood what the problem was? (I'll honestly appreciate it a LOT if someone can point me in the direction of what those reports are and what they mean?)
  2. Shouldn't this be considered a bug in Visual Studio IDE - the entire IDE crashing becuase an extention (that I didn't need any ways) wasn't found!?
  3. In this whole process I removed Visual Studio.NET 2005 Premium Partner edition from my box. I remeber installing the professional version but don't recall installing Premium Partner edition - Can anyone tell me what the heck I removed and how is that going to effect me?

More than anything else experiences like these just help us realize the kind of dependency hell we're creating for ourselves where it becomes impossible to find out uninstalling which completely unrelated application you dont need might just screw up your box and leave you at the mercy of good luck to get back. Maybe that's something we'll all have to live with but for now I'll be really really happy and thankfull if anyone can provide answers to my 3 questions.

Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2006 10:58 PM Questions & Ideas , Quick Tips And Solutions | Back to top

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# re: Visual Studio.NET 2005 Crashes On Startup!
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Could you elaborate a bit more on what you did to get rid of the crash? I'm getting the same post-splash screen crash, have done the uninstall/reinstall game a few times with no success
Left by Mark Boss on Sep 04, 2006 6:55 AM

# re: Visual Studio.NET 2005 Crashes On Startup!
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Mark, For me the problem was that I had Removed Windows Workflow foundation beta but had forgotten to remove Windows Workflow foundation Visual Studio Extentions.

So, based on this experience I think this crash had something to do with a plugin / extention failing and not a problem with visual studio installation itself.

Do you have any extentions / plugin's for visual studio loaded? Might be a good idea to try uninstalling those.

My two cents...


p.s. Please let me know if this helps.
Left by rajiv on Sep 04, 2006 11:20 PM

# re: Visual Studio.NET 2005 Crashes On Startup!
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i want to down load this program
Left by jerimiah johnson on Sep 24, 2007 3:23 PM

# re: Visual Studio.NET 2005 Crashes On Startup!
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I had the same problem. It was a partial install of XTraReports, which comes with numerous IDE plugins. So, suspect the components which affect VS.
Left by AltVader on Jul 23, 2009 4:46 PM

# re: Visual Studio.NET 2005 Crashes On Startup!
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Use /SafeMode to not load plugins.
User /resetuserdata to reset VS config
Left by Lol on May 12, 2010 5:51 AM

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