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Going through a VS 2010 IDE Features.  We will explore each feature in subsequent posts.  The post are documented as being reviewed by me.
  • Breakpoint Labeling
  • Breakpoint Searching
  • Breakpoint Import/Export
  • Dynamic Data Tooling
  • WPF Tree Visualizer
  • Call Hierarchy
  • Improved WPF Tooling
  • Historical Debugging
  • Mini-Dump Debugging
  • Quick Search
  • Better Multi-Monitor Support
  • Highlight References
  • Parallel Stacks Window
  • Parallel Tasks Window
  • Document Map Margin
  • Generate from Usage
  • Concurrency Profiler
  • Inline Call Tree
  • Extensible Test Runner
  • MVC Tooling
  • Web Deploy
  • JQuery IntelliSense
  • SharePoint Tooling
  • HTML Snippets
  • Web.config Transformation
  • ClickOnce Enhancements for MS Office


VS is an editor as well as a platform for development and this is only more true with VS 2010.  As an editor there is improved forcus on writing code, understanding code, navigating and publishing code.
VS Shell has been completely rewritten using WPF extending huge benefits.  The start page has been rewritten using XAML, so it is easy to customize.
Support new support for Silverlight, MFC, F# , Azure and extended support for Office 2010, Sharepoint.
Has a good Extension Manager as well.
Enjoy Coding !!!
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