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All good writers and bloggers try to improve their writing as they go. Some may be inspired to emulate Hemingway or Mailer others might be inspired by prolific bloggers like Robert Scoble or Doc Searls.

Me? I want to grow up to write like Andy Ihnatko. Long, essay type posts normally centered on some technology-related topic but taking enough twists and turns and containing enough inside references to send Dennis Miller scrambling to the Wikipedia for clues.

Andy's currently working on his “Thirty Days Of Blog“, one great post every day for the month of September.

To wit: today's gem of perfect truth, beauty and wisdom.

I failed to score the footwear, but on the way out I spied a rack of shirts discounted to $5. Included therein: another aloha shirt, but this one was a subtle and entirely successful fusion between Aloha and camouflage. The perfect thing to wear if you want to garrote people at a luau. Plus: five bucks!

Now if only I can figure out how to get all my buisness correspondence up to this level yet still maintain some measure of gainful employment not involving a french fry machine and a paper hat. After that it's all gravy...

Thanks for all the fish Andy.

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Counting Crows, Hard Candy Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2004 4:40 PM Geek Stuff , Life | Back to top

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