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If you run a podcast and are interested in the idea of telephone callers for interviews and shout outs, you probably have read a little into hybrids.  When shopping for hybrids, there are two types you can look at, analog and digital.  Even though the price of analog hybrids can be minimal, digital is the premium product that you should look for.  One issue the analog hybrids have is trans-hybrid loss.  This is when the send audio, what is coming from your mixer, is passed back through the caller’s audio into your mixer or interface.  Even though these are recording on top of each other, it has been passed through the phone line, so distortion is involved.  This distortion will make you sound like you are in a tin can. 


Digital hybrids have the capability to limit the trans-hybrid loss as well as some other features that will help your recording go smoothly.  One of those features is automatic gain control.   This will boost your send audio and the caller audio based on set levels automatically.  If you have ever had a caller that is very quiet or on a bad phone system, this will be the biggest feature to you because you won’t have to touch anything.  Ducking is another feature most digital hybrid systems have which will lower the volume of the caller when you are talking and vice versa.  


Finding a good digital hybrid on a budget can be a difficult thing.  If you have a contact into the recording industry or radio, consult with them first.  Most of them have tried different devices and know what is good and not.  If this isn’t an option for you, look around at some local or online audio rental stores and test some out.  You would be surprised at how different hybrids are and how they act in different location and phone lines.

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Dear Sir/ Madam,
We are looking for a telephone hybrid with the following specs:
- Balanced mic/line input
- Balanced Output
- Rack mount
- 230 vac
- Telephone line connection terminal
- Handset connection terminal
- Ringing detector

Please provide us with an e-brochure and a quote as soon as possible.

Kenneth Mkandawire
MBC Planning & Development

Left by Kenneth Mkandawire on Nov 22, 2005 2:35 AM

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