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.NET Developer who is now exploring the world of react.

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June 2008 Entries

Not much to say, i am just stunned. I was a seriously hardcore Diablo 1 and 2 player. This is siply a dream come true for me and other die hard diablo fans! Anyway check it out...

I Love you Blizzard!!

Today I finally used Intype code editor, and it is pretty neat, it pretty much allows you to insert half the necessary stuff. It is still in alpha stages but it sure does have a lot of potential. The full stable version when released will not be free and may cost you somewhere between $25 and $45.

For more information have a look at the FAQ section.

Finally all Australian students will have the satisfaction of receiving free Microsoft tools which include: Visual Studio 2008 Professional Visual Studio 2005 Professional Windows Server 2003 Standard Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition Expression Studio XNA Game Studio 2.0 + Creators Club It will officially be available early September, around the same time the Australian Tech. Ed 2008 is on ......

Finally Microsoft launched the new Dream Build Play competition! This time around you are given the opportunity to work in a group of up to 7 people or by yourself to produce an exciting game for the Xbox 360 using XNA studio 2.0. A total of $75,000 is up for grabs which will be shared amongst the top four finalists. They will also be have the chance to receive an Xbox Live publishing contract. Good luck to all who enter ......