July 2009 Entries

MVC + ASP.Net template control and user control
Seeing that I can use a DataBoundControl such as DataList, and binding it to a source control is achievable – what next? Data bound controls contain various templates. The usual suspects are the item template and alternating template (for a repeating object, with possible varied style), the header and the footer templates (for enclosing HTML pre/post wrap or header / footer effects). Under MVC, all events are out the window. So we're not concerned at all with event hookup. We might want to provide ......

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MVC, helpers and classic ASP.NET data bound controls – Better Together
Technorati Tags: MVC,ASP.NET,Extension Methods,Html Helper A lot of hype around MVC these days. So, of course, yours truly is working on some project utilizing MVC. While brushing the dust off my raw HTML tag memory and designing the obvious: lists, grids, repeated item displays and the such, I thought "why not use the asp.net controls instead?" For one, most of the ASP.NET data bound controls have a rich site of event post backs to hook up. MVC says: no dice! You can't rely on the event dispatch ......

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