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I just love Konfabulator. I love the widgets. It is rock solid and runs like a champ on my Windows XP SP2 laptop. Of course, it gets a bit slow when I have, like, 30 widgets running. But that is my own damn fault. I especially love the traffic widgets. I can have three little windows sitting on my desktops (okay, four if I get homesick and want to see the traffic in Miami, Florida.) showing me live cameras of the traffic flow in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio. Not to mention the weather, time, CPU usage, WiFi signal, phase of the moon (am I closet Werewolf?) and other useless oddities. And since Yahoo! purchased Konfabulator (why didnt Microsoft? Why didnt they purchase Flickr for that matter?) they have made it a free product. Go-get-it-now. Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2005 6:15 PM | Back to top

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